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Our people are very important to us, as is making certain we provide you with the best possible professional financial advice. For further contact details please see our "Contact Us" page.

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Lorraine O'Shea MBS, BComm, Director-Mortgage/Insurance Adviser
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Personal Finance

The former glamour model's decision to have her expensive Range Rover sprayed in Barbie pink has devalued the vehicle by at least £3,000, according to experts.
It seems innocent enough, but it turns out there can be big financial consequences to indulging in a drink or two while away on holiday
The FTSE 100 eked out gains on Friday but still ended the week lower after a rollercoaster stretch that had investors concerned that Turkey’s financial woes could impact Europe.
House of Fraser administrators EY said that the retailer went bust owing creditors, including Prada, Armani and Diesel, £484million, before it was snapped up by Sports Direct.