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Welcome to our Research Links page where we've compiled and published a list of useful resources to assist you when researching financial products. Check back here frequently as we're continually expanding this section of our website.

Personal Finance

A government error has meant that tens of thousands of benefits claimants will receive overdue payments of around £5,000.
The scheme currently provides a saving of £150.50 to those eligible, believed to be around 4.46million homes. But it runs out in 2020 and the BBC is consulting on its future.
Households are in for a miserable and costly winter as energy tariffs have soared by an average of 21% (or £178) from £864 to £1,042 thanks to a steep rise in wholesale energy prices.
INDUSTRY VOICE: For over a year Morningstar Investment Management has been moving to more defensive positions in its multi-asset portfolios, both across asset classes and within them. Here's an explanation as to why.
Retirees will enjoy a £220 boost next year, more than the increase in the cost of living, thanks to the triple lock protection on their state pension.