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Here you will find our quarterly newsletter providing topical and current advice on all aspects of financial planning. These newsletters are intended to bring a few important, topical, issues to your attention. If you would like to discuss any of them (or any other aspect of your financial planning) in detail, please telephone for an appointment.

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In this issue we take a look at Brexit, Europe and International Trade.
In this issue we take a look at the Spring Statement, Global Stocks and Shares Markets and Post-Brexit doubts.
In this issue we take a look at International Trade & Markets.
In this issue we take a look at Brexit, Currencies & Trade Tariffs.

Personal Finance

Jackie Cannon, a bank manager who works at TSB, suspected a customer had been duped by fraudsters and took action.
Products withdrawn from Amazon and eBay after Which? finds unsafe seats for sale
A repair cafe is a meeting place where those with DIY skills show others how to mend a range of goods – everything from household electric appliances to broken bicycles.
Around 5.1m customers being stung collectively by £532m each year in overpayments, a study by bill comparison website, Is My Bill Fair, shows.